Cut Out Quiz

Cut out for Morris?

Ever wondered about taking up Morris dancing but were too shy to ask?
Take our simple test to see if you’re ‘cut out for Morris’


Are you awake?
Are you older than 17 and younger than Jim (he’s 89)?
Can you honestly say you’ve never embarrassed yourself in public?
Do you find yourself skipping along the street when no-one’s looking (or even when they are)?
Have you got two left feet (or two feet left)?
Are you aware that a half gyp can give you a whole lot of jip?
Has anyone ever said to you “Pull the other one, it’s got bells on”?
Have your friends ever told you that you need to get out more?
Have you got an ear for music, a nose for trouble and a head for heights?
Are you going to delete this page from your browsing history?
Are you fitter, fatter or faster than the average forty year old?
Can you give one good reason why you shouldn’t dance the Morris?