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This index is a ‘work in progress’. The videos stretch back to 1993 (plus one in 1979) and also feature performances by many other sides we have met along the way. In addition to videos of dancing there are  ‘insights’ into the non-dancing aspects of the Morris fellowship. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to CMM’s, Ged Morten, who has not only managed to train the unerring eye of the video camera on us over the years but, as our Fool, has kept us entertained, and as our Foreman, has kept us dancing.

The index is arranged initially by date but can be sorted by any of the column headings. You can also search the entire collection via the search box, eg looking for specific dances, events, Morris sides etc. and even individuals. Clicking on the green text in the ‘Dance/Performance’ column will take you to the specific dance/performance indicated.

We hope you will find these of interest.

PS If you find any errors, typos or can help us identify dances where there is a question mark, please get in touch via our ‘Contact Page’ or any other method of communication you prefer.  If you enter ‘?’ in the search box this will show all the entries that have something not identified.

Vid No.DateEventPerformerDance/PerformanceTradition
124/06/1979Hull Ring MeetingCMMTrunklesLongborough
201/05/1993May DayCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
301/05/1993May DayCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
401/05/1993May DayCMMQueen's DelightBucknell
501/05/1993May DayCMMPostman's KnockAdderbury
601/05/1993May DayCMMRose TreeBampton
703/05/1993May Day TourBourne River MMRapper Dance?
803/05/1993May Day TourCMMBonny Green Garters Bampton
903/05/1993May Day TourDorset ButtonsNorth West Dance??
1003/05/1993May Day TourCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
1103/05/1993May Day TourCMMYoung CollinsBledington
1203/05/1993May Day TourCMMValentineFieldtown
1303/05/1993May Day TourCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
1403/05/1993May Day TourCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
1503/05/1993May Day TourCMM and Bourne RiverStep and fetch HerBampton
1603/05/1993May Day TourDorset ButtonsNorth West Dance??
1724/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993MassedBalance the StrawFieldtown
1824/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993MassedWinster ProcessionalWinster
1924/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Man Friday MMStep and Fetch HerBampton
2024/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Cam Valley MMSkirmishBledington
2124/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993MassedHighland MaryBampton
2224/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Gloucester MMConstant BillySherbourne
2324/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Gloucester MMHey Diddle DisLongborough
2424/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Derby MMTrunklesDerby
2524/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993MassedYoung CollinsBledington
2624/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993MassedBonny Green GartersBampton
2724/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Martlett MMOld Woman Tossed UpFieldtown
2824/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993CMMBroad CupidBadby
2924/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Jockey MMValentineFieldtown
3024/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993Green Ginger MMPostman's KnockAdderbury
3124/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993East Suffolk MMBanks of the DeeAscot
3225/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993CMMPostman's KnockAdderbury
3325/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993CMMBonny Green GartersBampton
3425/07/1993Buxton Weekend of Dance 1993CMMBroad CupidBadby
3504/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMM et al (in the pool)Flowers of EdinburghBampton
3604/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingChipping Campden MMSally on the RailwayChipping Campden
3704/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingChipping Campden MMChipping Campden DanceChipping Campden
3804/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMM et al (in the pool)Sherrif's RideLichfield
3904/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
4004/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMM et alWatercress Line
4104/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMBold Nelson's PraiseIlmington
4204/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassed (Adam and Ged)Young CollinsBledington
4304/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMQueen's DelightBucknell
4404/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingBedford MMMaid of the MillBrackley
4504/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMValentineFieldtown
4604/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMThe RoseFieldtown
4704/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingBedford MMBean SettersBrackley
4804/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMConstant BillyIlmington
4904/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingBedford MMShootingBrackley
5004/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMBumpus o' StrettonIlmington
5104/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMJolly BagmanBledington
5204/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMYoung CollinsBledington
5304/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedJockey to the FairBrackley
5404/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMJubileeBadby
5504/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingBedford MMMonk's MarchSherborne
5604/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMShepherds HeyIlmington
5704/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMUpton StickUpton
5804/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMLass of Richmond HillBledington
5904/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedFeast
6004/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingChipping Campden MMShepherds HeyChipping Campden
6104/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingChipping Campden MMStick and Hankie Dance?Chipping Campden
6204/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingGeoff GeramPrincess Royal JigBledington
6305/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTaunton Deane MMConstant BillyIlmington
6405/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingRoy YarnellNutting Girl JigFieldtown
6505/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingLichfield MMThe Barefoot QuakerLichfield
6605/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedWilliam and NancyBledington
6705/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingCMMUpton StickUpton
6805/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingLassington Oak MMValentineFieldtown
6905/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedLads a BunchumAdderbury
7005/09/1993Winchester Ring Meeting?Sword Dance?
7105/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingBedford MMOrange in BloomSherborne
7205/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingTrigg MMBlack Joke??
7305/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedYoung CollinsBledington
7405/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingRavensbourne MMShepherds HeyAdderbury
7505/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedWinster ProcessionalWinster
7605/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingRichmondshire MMLass of Richmond HillBledington
7705/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingWinchester MMOld Woman Tossed UpFieldtown
7905/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingWinchester MM (in the Cathedral)?Headington
8005/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
8105/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingWinchester MMCock of the NorthEynsham
8205/09/1993Winchester Ring MeetingThames Valley MMHighland MaryOddington
8401/05/1994MayDayCMMJenny LindLichfield
8501/05/1994MayDayCMMNutting Girl jigFieldtown
8601/05/1994MayDayCMMBroad CupidBadby
8702/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenThe RoseFieldtown
8802/07/1994Kemps KampBelles and BroomsticksJubileeIlmington
8902/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenBeet ToppingNorfolk Trad
9002/07/1994Kemps KampCMMPostman's KnockAdderbury
9102/07/1994Kemps KampKemps Men? HankyAscot
9202/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenOld FrogOddington
9302/07/1994Kemps KampCMMSherrif's RideLichfield
9402/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenConstant BillyOddington
9502/07/1994Kemps KampCMMThe NightingaleStanton Harcourt
9602/07/1994Kemps KampBelles and Broomsticks? hankyBampton
9702/07/1994Kemps KampBoat,bus + peggingBoat,bus and pegging
9802/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenRigs a MarlowHeadington
9902/07/1994Kemps KampCMM (Will)Stick Juggling
10002/07/1994Kemps KampBelles and BroomsticksSweet Jenny JonesAdderbury
10102/07/1994Kemps KampCMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
10202/07/1994Kemps KampKnots of MayGarland?
10302/07/1994Kemps KampEvening entertainmentEvening entertainment
10402/07/1994Kemps KampCMMSynchronised Swimming
10503/07/1994Kemps Kamp?Short Stick Dance?
10603/07/1994Kemps KampAuld Hilpen??
10703/07/1994Kemps KampCMMBreaking Kamp
10803/07/1994Kemps KampCMMBroad CupidBadby
10903/07/1994Kemps KampChanctonbury Ring??
11003/07/1994Kemps KampKnots of MayGarland?
11103/07/1994Kemps KampBelles and BroomsticksJockey to the FairDucklingon
11203/07/1994Kemps KampBelles and Broomsticks & KempsSweet Jenny JonesAdderbury
11303/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenYoung CollinsOddington
11403/07/1994Kemps KampCMMJenny LindLichfield
11503/07/1994Kemps KampBelles and BroomsticksStick Dance??
11603/07/1994Kemps KampKemps MenSutton MillNorfolk Trad
11723/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenWeavers MarchNorfolk Trad
11823/07/1994Buxton WELong Man MMQueens DelightBucknell
11923/07/1994Buxton WEDerby MMCuckoo's NestDerby
12023/07/1994Buxton WEMassedWinster ProcessionalWinster
12123/07/1994Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
12223/07/1994Buxton WECMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
12323/07/1994Buxton WEMassedThe Feast and singing
12423/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenCorner danceSherborne
12523/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenOrange in BloomSherborne
12623/07/1994Buxton WECMMBrighton CampStanton Harcourt
12723/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenQueens DelightBucknell
12823/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenConstant BillyOddington
12923/07/1994Buxton WE?Cuckoos Nest?Ascot
13023/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenFakenham FairNorfolk Trad
13123/07/1994Buxton WECMMUpton HankieUpton
13223/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenRigs a MarlowHeadington
13324/07/1994Buxton WECMMBonny Green GartersBampton
13424/07/1994Buxton WECMMBroad CupidBadby
13524/07/1994Buxton WECMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
13624/07/1994Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
13724/07/1994Buxton WELong Man MM? Hanky Curly Headed Ploughboy?
13824/07/1994Buxton WEKemps MenLeapfrogAscot
13918/02/1995Lichfield AleMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
14018/02/1995Lichfield AleMassedLollipop ManDucklington
14118/02/1995Lichfield AleSteve Adamson (BFB)Whistle playing
14218/02/1995Lichfield Ale?Chingford Stick DanceChingford
14318/02/1995Lichfield AleMike GarlandLadies Pleasure JigFieldtown
14418/02/1995Lichfield AleMoulton MMBrackley StickBrackley
14518/02/1995Lichfield Ale?Sword dance?
14618/02/1995Lichfield Ale1st Sedgeley MMBlack Joker Stick?
14718/02/1995Lichfield AleMassedHighland MaryOddington
14825/03/1995White Rose WERutland MMShepherds HeyWheatley
14925/03/1995White Rose WECMM (Robin, squire)Princess Royal jigSherbourne
15025/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MM ?Brimfield Stick DanceBrimfield
15125/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MMBanbury BillBampton
15225/03/1995White Rose WEHexham MMCuckoo's NestSherbourne
15325/03/1995White Rose WERutland MMBeaux of London CityBadby
15425/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
15525/03/1995White Rose WEOakworth Village MMConstant BillyIlmington
15625/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MMOld Tom of Oxford Double JigBampton
15725/03/1995White Rose WEKemps Men & ?? hankyAscot
15825/03/1995White Rose WEOakworth Village MMBluebells of ScotlandAdderbury
15925/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MM? HankyOddington
16025/03/1995White Rose WEHexham MMBlue Eyed StrangerBucknell?
16125/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MMTrunklesOddington
16225/03/1995White Rose WERutland MMTrunklesWheatley
16325/03/1995White Rose WEOakworth Village MM29th MayHeadington
16425/03/1995White Rose WEWhite Rose MMYoung CollinsBledington
16501/05/1995May DayCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
16601/05/1995May DayCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
16701/05/1995May DayCMMJenny LindLichfield
16801/05/1995May DayCMMBroad CupidBadby
16908/05/1995May Day TourCMMSherrif's RideLichfield
17008/05/1995May Day TourCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
17108/05/1995May Day TourCMMJenny LindLichfield
17208/05/1995May Day TourCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
17308/05/1995May Day TourCMMYoung CollinsBledington
17410/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCMMYoung CollinsBledington
17510/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCoventry MMLong Sword dance?
17610/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetSt Albans MMBromsberrow Heath Stick DanceBromsberrow Heath
17710/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCMMVandals of HammerwichLichfield
17810/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCoventry MMChingford Stick DanceChingford
17910/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCMMBroad CupidBadby
18010/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCoventry MMBanks of the Dee?Ascot
18110/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetSt Albans MMPostman's KnockAdderbury
18210/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetSt Alban's MMThe QuakerBampton
18311/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
18411/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetEast SuffolkGetting UpstairsHinton
18511/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetAbingdonPrincess RoyalAbingdon
18611/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetRipleyMolly OxfordIlmington
18711/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetIcknield Way MMMaid of the MillBampton
18811/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetSt AlbansMilley's BequestLichfield
18911/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetStafford/Uttoxeter?Lollipop ManDucklington
19011/06/1995East Suffolk Ring Meet?? SticksMoulton
19111/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetBristolRoom for the CuckoldWheatley
19211/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetMassedWilliam and NancyBledington
19311/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetMassedBobbing AroundBampton
19411/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetCMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
19511/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetPackingtonCuckoo's NestBucknell
19611/06/1995East Suffolk Ring MeetGreen OakBeaux of London CityBadby
19722/07/1995Buxton WERedbornstokePilgrimAmpthill
19822/07/1995Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
19922/07/1995Buxton WECMMBrighton CampStanton Harcourt
20022/07/1995Buxton WERedbornstokeFinestAmpthill
20122/07/1995Buxton WECheshire Royals??
20222/07/1995Buxton WECMMMilley's BequestLichfield
20322/07/1995Buxton WECheshire RoyalsThe Pilgrim?
20422/07/1995Buxton WEExeter MMQueens DelightBucknell
20522/07/1995Buxton WERedbornstokeMiddle RevengeAmpthill
20622/07/1995Buxton WECMMBroad CupidBadby
20722/07/1995Buxton WERedbornstokeNodder's WayAmpthill
20822/07/1995Buxton WEExeter MMBlack JokerIlmington
20922/07/1995Buxton WEMassedYoung CollinsBledington
21022/07/1995Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
21122/07/1995Buxton WEExeter MMThe Willow TreeBucknell
21222/07/1995Buxton WEDerby? SticksDerby
21322/07/1995Buxton WEMan Friday MMLads a BunchumAdderbury
21422/07/1995Buxton WEGreen Ginger MMLass of Richmond HillBledington
21522/07/1995Buxton WELong ManUpton HankieUpton
21622/07/1995Buxton WEMan FridayFlowing BowlAdderbury
21722/07/1995Buxton WECheshire Royals??
21822/07/1995Buxton WECMMValentineFieldtown
21922/07/1995Buxton WECheshire Royals??
22022/07/1995Buxton WECMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
22122/07/1995Buxton WECMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
22222/07/1995Buxton WETorchlight ProcessionWinster ProcessionalWinster
22322/07/1995Buxton WECMM et alSinging at the Feast
22422/07/1995Buxton WEMassedWinster ProcessionalWinster
22522/07/1995Buxton WERedbornstokeBedfordshire ClangerAmpthill
22622/07/1995Buxton WEExeter MMWilliam and Nancy?Fieldtown
22718/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCMM et alCoach and feast
22818/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
22918/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
23018/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCoventry MMNutting Girl JigFieldtown
23118/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCoventry MMThe RoseFieldtown
23218/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetWantsum MMBumpus o' StrettonIlmington
23318/05/1996Richmondshire Ring Meet?Black JokerAdderbury
23418/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetGreen Ginger MMValentineFieldtown
23518/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetWantsum MM?Ilmington
23618/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCoventry MMOrange in BloomSherbourne
23719/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetRichmondshire MMShepherd's Hey JigHeadington
23819/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetHarthill MSaturday NightBucknell
23919/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetWantsum MM? Sticks?
24019/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCoventry MMThe ValentineAscot
24119/05/1996Richmondshire Ring Meet?Sword?
24219/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
24319/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetRichmondshire MLass of Richmond HillBledington
24419/05/1996Richmondshire Ring Meet?Cuckoo's NestSherbourne
24519/05/1996Richmondshire Ring MeetCMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
24620/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MM? Sticks?
24720/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MMCorner Hanky danceBledington
24820/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MMNot For JoeBrimfield
24920/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MMLumps of Plum PuddingBledington
25020/07/1996Buxton WECMMSkirmishBledington
25120/07/1996Buxton WECMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
25220/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MMHow D'ye Do SirHeadington
25320/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MMSaturday Night?
25420/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MM? hanky?
25520/07/1996Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
25620/07/1996Buxton WEThe feast and singing
25720/07/1996Buxton WEMassedBonny Green Garters( In the Dome)Bampton
25821/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MM? hankyBledington
25921/07/1996Buxton WEShuttlers Clog??
26021/07/1996Buxton WEStreet TheatreStreet Theatre
26121/07/1996Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
26221/07/1996Buxton WETaunton Deane MMHow D'ye Do SirHeadington
26321/07/1996Buxton WECheshire RoyalsHoops Dance?
26421/07/1996Buxton WECMMValentineFieldtown
26521/07/1996Buxton WEMan Friday MMMonk's MarchSherbourne
26628/10/1996Chatsworth Australian TVCMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
26712/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMForesterFieldtown
26812/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingThe FeastThe Feast
26912/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCMMThe RoseFieldtown
27012/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
27212/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMNuts in MayLichfield
27312/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMSignpostsFieldtown
27412/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCMMPostman's KnockAdderbury
27512/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMMorris OffStanton Harcourt
27612/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMBrighton CampStanton Harcourt
27712/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMShootingBadby
27812/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMTrunklesDucklington
27912/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingLunch at KnightonLunch and jeeps
28012/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MM??
28112/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedWilliam and NancyBledington
28212/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
28312/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMWhite LadiesAston
28412/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMThe RoseFieldtown
28512/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCMMJenny LindLichfield
28612/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingJockey MM Fool (Moose)Shepherd's Hey Jig?
28712/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMCuckoo's NestBledington
28812/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCMMThe KeeperStanton Harcourt
28912/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMBean SettingHeadington
29012/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCMMGreensleevesStanton Harcourt
29112/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCoachCoach journey with pegs
29212/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMWashing DayAdderbury
29313/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMLass of Richmond HillUpton
29413/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
29513/07/1997Ludlow Ring Meeting?Banks of the DeeFieldtown
29613/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingJockey MMConstant BillyHeadington
29713/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingTrigg MMBrighton CampStanton Harcourt
29813/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingThaxted MMBlack JokeAdderbury
29913/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingBristol MMWheatley HankieWheatley
30013/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingFaithful City MMWheatley ProcessionalWheatley
30113/07/1997Ludlow Ring Meeting?Long Sword?
30213/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedWinster ProcessionalWinster
30313/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingIcknield Way MMHappy ManAdderbury
30413/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedLaudnum BunchesHeadington
30513/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingCMMMaid of the MillIlmington
30613/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingExeter MMHankie Dance??
30713/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingMassedWinster ProcessionalWinster
30813/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingJockey MMBlack JokerBadby
30913/07/1997Ludlow Ring MeetingSouth Shropshire MMLord of the Dance?Bampton
31019/07/1997Buxton WEKemps MenTrunklesSherborne
31119/07/1997Buxton WECMMThe KeeperIlmington
31219/07/1997Buxton WEMassedVandals of HammerwichLichfield
31319/07/1997Buxton WEMan FridayFool's Jig?
31419/07/1997Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
31519/07/1997Buxton WEGreen Ginger MMBlack JokeAdderbury
31619/07/1997Buxton WEExeter MMConstant BillyIlmington
31719/07/1997Buxton WEMan FridayStep and Fetch HerBampton
31819/07/1997Buxton WEKemps MenJubileeIlmington
31919/07/1997Buxton WECMMBroad CupidBadby
32019/07/1997Buxton WEKemps MenSkirmishNorfolk Trad
32119/07/1997Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
32219/07/1997Buxton WEIrish Join inIris dancers
32319/07/1997Buxton WEExeter MMOrange in BloomSherborne
32413/09/1997CMM WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
32513/09/1997CMM WECMMThe RoseFieldtown
32613/09/1997CMM WECMMThe ForesterFieldtown
32713/09/1997CMM WECMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
32813/09/1997CMM WECMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
32913/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggertyWhitby Shindig?
33013/09/1997CMM WEMassedYoung CollinsBledington
33113/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggertyTiddler Dance?
33213/09/1997CMM WECMMJenny LindLichfield
33313/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMStep and Fetch HerBampton
33413/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMPrincess Royal Jig?
33513/09/1997CMM WEMassedVandals of HammerwichLichfield
33613/09/1997CMM WERichmondshire MMThe Rose (with Rita)Fieldtown
33713/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggertyHoop Dance?
33813/09/1997CMM WEFeastSinging and juggling
33913/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMYoung CollinsOddington
34013/09/1997CMM WERichmondshirePostman's KnockAdderbury
34113/09/1997CMM WERichmondshireJockey to the FairBrackley
34213/09/1997CMM WECMMSherrif's RideLichfield
34313/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMTrunkles?
34413/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggertyTiddler Dance?
34513/09/1997CMM WERichmondshireLord Mayor's Dance?
34613/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggertyHoop Dance?
34713/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggerty??
34813/09/1997CMM WECMMValentineFieldtown
34913/09/1997CMM WECMMNightingaleStanton Harcourt
35013/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMStick Dance?
35113/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMJockey to rhe Fair Jig?
35213/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggerty??
35313/09/1997CMM WERichmondshire MMHankie Dance?Bampton
35413/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMThe WebleyBampton
35513/09/1997CMM WERichmondshire MMHighland MaryBampton
35613/09/1997CMM WEPanhaggertyDorset 4 Hand Reel?
35713/09/1997CMM WERichmondshire MMLads a BunchumAdderbury
35813/09/1997CMM WECMMThe KeeperIlmington
35913/09/1997CMM WEThelwall MMConstant BillyHeadington
36013/06/1998Taunton Deane WE?Step Dance
36113/06/1998Taunton Deane WEEvening CeilidhCeilidh dancing
36213/06/1998Taunton Deane WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
36313/06/1998Taunton Deane WETaunton Deane MM29th MayHeadington
36413/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMFlowing BowlAdderbury
36513/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMSherrif's RideLichfield
36613/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMVandals of HammerwichLichfield
36713/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMJubileeIlmington
36813/06/1998Taunton Deane WETaunton DeaneHow D'ye Do SirHeadington
36913/06/1998Taunton Deane WEFree Cider!Cider!
37013/06/1998Taunton Deane WECider TestingMore cider
37113/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMFlowing BowlAdderbury
37213/06/1998Taunton Deane WEPenny's Cider MillCider Mill
37313/06/1998Taunton Deane WETaunton Deane MMStick DanceBledington
37413/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
37513/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMJenny LindLichfield
37613/06/1998Taunton Deane WETaunton Deane MMSaturday NightBucknell
37714/06/1998Taunton Deane WESweet Coppin??
37814/06/1998Taunton Deane WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
37914/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMForesterFieldtown
38014/06/1998Taunton Deane WETaunton Deane MMLaudnum BunchesHeadington
38114/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMJenny LindLichfield
38214/06/1998Taunton Deane WE?Stick DanceBorder
38314/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMMMaid of the MillIlmington
38414/06/1998Taunton Deane WEMassedYoung CollinsBledington
38514/06/1998Taunton Deane WE?Stick DanceBorder
38614/06/1998Taunton Deane WE?What a Lovely DayBorder
38714/06/1998Taunton Deane WECMM (Lads and Dads)Vandals of HammerwichLichfield
38817/07/1998Buxton WE??Appalachian
38918/07/1998Buxton WEFeast
Alex Needham (CMM Squire) singing
39018/07/1998Buxton WEDerby MM??
39118/07/1998Buxton WECMMVandals of HammerwichLichfield
39218/07/1998Buxton WE?Cuckoo's NestBledington
39318/07/1998Buxton WEShuttlers Clog??
39418/07/1998Buxton WERedcar Sword??
39518/07/1998Buxton WERutland MMRoom for the CuckoldWheatley
39618/07/1998Buxton WE?SkirmishBledington
39718/07/1998Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
39818/07/1998Buxton WERutland MM?Fieldtown
39918/07/1998Buxton WEMan Friday MM and Rutland MMHighland MaryOddington
40018/07/1998Buxton WECMMSherrif's RideLichfield
40118/07/1998Buxton WECMM (Robin)Sleeping
40219/07/1998Buxton WE?Oh Dear MotherAdderbury
40319/07/1998Buxton WE?Gallant HussarBledington
40419/07/1998Buxton WEMan Friday MMConstant BillyOddington
40519/07/1998Buxton WEDerby MMStickDerby
40619/07/1998Buxton WEMixed sideWilliam and NancyBledington
40719/07/1998Buxton WECMMThe ForesterFieldtown
40819/07/1998Buxton WE?Vandals of HammerwichLichfield
40919/07/1998Buxton WEShuttlers Clog??
41019/07/1998Buxton WEMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
41119/07/1998Buxton WERutland MM?Wheatley
41219/07/1998Buxton WECMMJenny LindLichfield
41319/07/1998Buxton WEMan FridayDearest DickieFieldtown
41422/05/1999Moulton May WeekendThe May CartMay Cart
41522/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MM??
41622/05/1999Moulton May WeekendLeyland MM??
41722/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMMSherrif's RideLichfield
41822/05/1999Moulton May WeekendSaddleworth MM??
41922/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCampingCamping
42022/05/1999Moulton May WeekendThelwall MM??
42122/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MM??
42222/05/1999Moulton May WeekendLeyland MM??
42322/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMassedBonny Green GartersBampton
42422/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMMBalance the StrawFieldtown
42522/05/1999Moulton May WeekendLeyland MM??
42622/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MMShepherds Hey?
42722/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMMThe ForesterFieldtown
42822/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
42922/05/1999Moulton May WeekendSaddleworth MM??
43022/05/1999Moulton May WeekendLeyland MM??
43122/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MMBanbury Bill?Bampton
43223/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMM (Lads and Ged)Room for the CuckoldBucknell
43323/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MM JigPrincess RoyalBampton
43423/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMM(Ged)Our man on the spot
43523/05/1999Moulton May WeekendSaddleworth MM??
43623/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMM (Lads and Dads)Sherrif's RideLichfield
43723/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMM (Lads)Young CollinsBledington
43823/05/1999Moulton May WeekendCMM(Phil)Loneliness of the long distance melodeon player
43923/05/1999Moulton May WeekendSaddleworth MM??
44023/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MMCountry Gardens?
44123/05/1999Moulton May WeekendMoulton MMBritish Grenadiers??
44223/05/1999Moulton May WeekendRose and Castle MM??
44323/05/1999Moulton May WeekendThelwall MMBean SettingHeadington
44423/05/1999Moulton May WeekendThelwall MMBobbing AroundBampton
44523/05/1999Moulton May WeekendLeyland MM??
44603/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalKesteven ladies?Bumpers o Stretton?Ilmington
44703/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
44803/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
44903/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalCMMPostman's KnockAdderbury
45003/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalTotal Chaos!Total Chaos
45103/07/1999Sudbury Dance Festival?Folk Dance?
45203/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalMortimers Morris??
45303/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalCar and coachCar and coach meet
45403/07/1999Sudbury Dance FestivalBelly Dancing (with help from Robin and Ged)
45503/07/1999Sudbury Dance Festival?Saturday NightBucknell
45603/07/1999The Bass MuseumCMMThe ValentineFieldtown
45703/07/1999The Bass MuseumCMMThe Rose (for wedding)Fieldtown
45803/07/1999Tideswell WakesCMMRoom for the CuckoldBucknell
45903/07/1999Tideswell WakesCMMSkirmishBledington
46024/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999MassedBonny Green GartersBampton
46124/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Chester City MM??
46224/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999??Oddington
46324/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999CMMJenny LindLichfield
46424/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Chester City MM??
46524/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999AppalachianAppalachian
46624/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999CMMSkirmishBledington
46724/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999CMMJenny LindLichfield
46824/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999CMM(Ian C)Birthday boy
46924/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999AppalachianAppalachian
47024/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999The kitchen staff and feastKitchen staff and feast
47124/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999???
47224/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Derby MM??
47324/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Bourne River MM?Oddington
47424/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Bourne River MMShooting?Oddington
47524/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999CMMMaid of the MillIlmington
47624/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Bourne River MM?Wheatley
47724/07/1999Buxton Weekend of Dance 1999Bourne River MM?Oddington
47818/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Kemps MenThe QuakerBampton
47918/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999MassedBonny Green GartersBampton
48018/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Kemps MenSkirmishNorfolk Trad
48118/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Wheal Sophia??
48218/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Panhaggerty??
48318/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Kemps MenUpton Stick DanceUpton-upon-Severn
48418/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Wheal Sophia??
48518/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Kemps MenBalance the StrawFieldtown
48618/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999CMMBalance the StrawFieldtown
48718/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999PanhaggertyGarland??
48818/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999The Feast and entertainmentFeast and entertainment
48919/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Panhaggerty??
49019/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Kemps MenFakenham FairNorfolk Trad
49119/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Panhaggerty and Wheal Sophia??
49219/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Panhaggerty??
49319/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999CMMBroad CupidBadby
49419/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Wheal Sophia??
49519/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999MassedBonny Green GartersBampton
49619/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999CMMJenny LindLichfield
49719/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Wheal Sophia??
49819/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999CMMSkirmishBledington
49919/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Panhaggerty??
50019/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Kemps MenOrange in BloomSherborne
50119/09/1999CMM Weekend of Dance 1999Wheal Sophia??
50201/05/2000May DayCMMSherrif's RideLichfield
50301/05/2000May DayCMMBonny Green GartersBampton
50401/05/2000May DayCMMMaid of the MillIlmington
50501/05/2000May DayCMMVandals of HammerwichLichfield
50601/05/2000May DayCMMYoung CollinsBledington
50717/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Conwy MorrisConwy Tunnel
50817/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Bus trip to LlandudnoBus to Llandudno
50917/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Flagcrackers??
51017/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000?Lollipop Man
51117/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000???
51217/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Flagcrackers?
51317/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Conwy CastleConwy Castle
51417/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Buttercross Belles??
51517/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Flagcrackers??
51617/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000?Upton Stick DanceUpton-upon-Severn
51717/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000CMMThe ValentineFieldtown
51817/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Evening Ceilidh + entertainmentCeilidh
51917/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Conwy Morris??
52017/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Punch and Judy with WillPunch and Judy
52117/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Buttercross Belles??
52217/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Mosley Rose and Clog??
52317/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Fidlers Fancy??
52418/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Conwy MorrisSkirmish
52518/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Conwy MorrisRing o BellsLichfield
52618/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Flagcrackers of CravenThree Jolly Sheepskins
52718/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000???
52818/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000?Vandals of HammerwichLichfield
52918/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Mosley Rose and Clog??
53018/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Flagcrackers of CravenOh dear, what can the matter be
53118/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Flagcrackers of CravenCleveland Stomp
53218/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Three Shires??
53318/06/2000Conwy Weekend 2000Buttercross Belles??
53422/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000Evening singing and tomfooleryEntertainment?
53522/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000CMMJenny LindLichfield
53622/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000Rutland MMRoom for the CuckooWheatley
53722/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000Exeter MMSkirmishBledington
53822/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000???
53922/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000Man FridayThe Willow TreeFieldtown
54022/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000MassedYoung CollinsBledington
54122/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000Rutland MMLadies Pleasure JigBledington
54222/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000Kinnerton MM (plus Jim)Queens DelightBucknell
54322/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000CMMYoung CollinsOddington
54422/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000CMM and Rutland MMThe ValentineFieldtown
54522/07/2000Buxton Weekend of Dance 2000CMMThe RoseFieldtown
54609/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000MassedBonny Green GartersBampton
54709/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Rivington Hall??
54809/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000CMMThe ValentineFieldtown
54909/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Redcar Sword??
55009/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Shuttlers Clog??
55109/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Chip off the OldHaste to the WeddingAdderbury
55209/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Further entertainmentEntertainment
55309/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Shuttlers Clog??
55409/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Rivington HallHighland MaryAscot
55509/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Shuttlers Clog??
55609/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Mixed side (Derby, Chapel, Man Friday)William and NancyBledington
55709/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Chip off the OldBlack JokeAdderbury
55809/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000CMMSkirmishBledington
55909/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Feast and speechesFest and speeches
56009/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Evening entertainmentEntertainment
56109/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Chip off the OldOld Molly OxfordIlmington
56209/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Rivington HallBunch of RosesIlmington
56309/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Cheshire Royals??
56409/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Redcar SwordLong Sword?
56509/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Cheshire Royals??
56609/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Rivington HallJubileeIlmington
56709/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000CMMVandals of HammerwichLichfield
56809/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Shuttlers ClogWaltz
56909/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Star of County Down?
57009/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Redcar Sword??
57109/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Shuttlers Clog??
57209/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Rivington HallGo and Enlist?
57309/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Redcar Sword??
57409/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Rivington HallFiddlers Lock?
57510/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Man Friday MMLadies Pleasure JigBledington
57610/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Redcar Sword??
57710/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000CMMYoung CollinsOddington
57810/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Man Friday MMNutting Girl JigFieldtown
57910/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000CMMThe Maid of the MillIlmington
58010/09/2000CMM Weekend of Dance 2000Redcar Sword??
58101/05/2001May DayCMMYoung CollinsBledington
58201/05/2001May DayCMMConstant BilyOddington
58301/05/2001May DayCMMSkirmishBledington
58401/05/2001May DayCMMVandals of HammerwichLichfield
58501/05/2001May DayCMMCuckoos NestSherborne
58623/05/2001The Fox, BrookbottomPoynton Jemmers??
58723/05/2001The Fox, BrookbottomPoynton Jemmers??
58823/05/2001The Fox, BrookbottomCMMConstant BilyIlmington
58923/05/2001The Fox, BrookbottomCMMYoung CollinsOddington
59023/05/2001The Fox, BrookbottomPoynton Jemmers??
59116/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Saddleworth GarlandClog Stepping?
59216/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Conwy Morris??
59316/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Fylde Coast??
59416/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001MassedAdderburyLads a Bunchum
59516/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Yorkshire CoastAdderburyBlack Joke
59616/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Conwy Morris??
59716/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Fylde Coast??
59816/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001CMMBumpus o StrettonIlmington
59916/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Black Sheep??
60016/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001CMMYoung CollinsOddington
60116/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001???
60216/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Conwy Morris??
60316/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Evening dance and entertainmentEvening entertainment
60416/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001CMMThe ValentineFieldtown
60516/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Saddleworth GarlandGarland Dance?
60616/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Boston Stompers??
60716/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Black Sheep??
60816/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Milltown Cloggies??
60916/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Yorkshire Coast?Ilmington
61016/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Cuckoos Nest?
61116/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001CMMSheriff's RideLichfield
61216/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Chorlton Green??
61316/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Black Sheep??
61416/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Boston StompersShepherds Hey?
61517/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001CMMHighland MaryOddington
61617/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001MassedYoung CollinsBledington
61717/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Mossley Rose and ClogAlderley Edge?
61817/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Fylde Coast??
61917/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Saddleworth Ladies??
62017/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Harthill MorrisRing o BellsLichfield
62117/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Yorkshire CoastVandals of HammerwichLichfield
62217/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Mossley Rose and Clog??
62317/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Milltown Cloggies??
62417/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Harthill MorrisLollipop Man StickAdderbury
62517/06/2001Conwy Weekend of Dance 2001Boston StompersConstant Billy?
62618/06/2001CMM at The Barrel, BrettonCMMJubileeIlmington
62718/06/2001CMM at The Barrel, BrettonCMMRing o BellsLichfield
62820/06/2001CMM at Lyme HallCMMSkirmishBledington
62920/06/2001CMM at Lyme HallBarber ShopBarber shop
63020/06/2001CMM at Lyme HallCMMConstant BillyIlmington
63125/06/2001CMM at The Church Inn, ChelmortonCMMCuckoos NestSherborne
63215/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Punch and Judy with WillPunch and Judy
63315/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Stone the CrowsBlack Widow?
63415/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002PowderkegsUpton Stick DanceUpton-upon-Severn
63515/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002MassedTinners Rabbit
63615/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Stone the Crows??
63715/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Black Dog Molly??
63815/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002PowderkegsHey Up Joe?
63915/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Boston StompersGreen GartersDucklington
64015/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Stone the CrowsCrows Nest?
64115/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Black Dog MollySpeed the Plough?
64215/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002PowderkegsBrimfield Stick Dance?
64315/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Conwy Morris & ArgamelesAbram Circle Dance
64415/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Black Dog Molly?Much Wenlock
64515/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002PowderkegsThree Jolly Sheepskins?
64615/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002CMMSherrif's RideLichfield
64715/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Stone the Crows??
64815/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002PowderkegsSkirmish?
64915/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Black Dog Molly??
65015/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Boston Stompers??
65115/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Conwy Morris??
65215/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002CMMJubileeIlmington
65315/06/2002Conwy Weekend of Dance 2002Stone the CrowsTinners Rabbit?
65420/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002PowderkegsBrimfield Stick Dance
65520/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002PowderkegsSheepskins?
65620/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Man Friday MMBlack JokeAdderbury
65720/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Man Friday MMShootingAdderbury
65820/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002CMMSherrif's RideLichfield
65920/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Shuttlers Clog??
66020/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002PowderkegsMuch Wenlock
66120/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Shuttlers Clog??
66220/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002CMMOrange in BloomSherborne
66320/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Man Friday MMWilliam and NancyBledington
66420/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Man Friday MMThe ValentineFieldtown
66520/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002PowderkegsBrimfield Stick Dance
66620/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Shuttlers Clog??
66720/07/2002Buxton Day of Dance 2002Man Friday MMRose TreeBampton
66807/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Ebor MorrisVandals of HammerwichLichfield
66907/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Evening entertainmentEvening entertainment
67007/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Bunnies from HellThe ValentineFieldtown
67107/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Ladies Country Dance?
67207/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Duke's DandySkipping clog
67307/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Flagcrackers?
67407/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Beverley Morris??
67507/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002CMMJenny LindLichfield
67607/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002The ProcessionProcession
67707/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Massed Border?
67807/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Ebor Morris?
67907/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Beverley Morris?
68007/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Duke's DandySkipping clog
68107/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Acorn MorrisJockey to the FairDucklington
68207/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Acorn MorrisBrimfield Stick Dance
68307/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002CMMCuckoo's NestSherborne
68407/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Flagcrackers?
68507/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002CMM (plus Hen do)The ValentineFieldtown
68607/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Flagcrackers?
68707/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Beverley Morris??
68807/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Bunnies from HellThe ValentineFieldtown
68908/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Bunnies from Hell?Adderbury
69008/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002FlagcrackersThree Jolly Sheepskins
69108/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Ebor MorrisNutting Girl
69208/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002FlagcrackersEh Up Joe
69308/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Bunnies from HellStep BackFieldtown
69408/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Ebor MorrisRose TreeBampton
69508/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002CMMConstant BillyIlmington
69608/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002MassedBonny Green GartersBampton
69708/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Flagcrackers?
69808/09/2002Ebor Weekend of Dance 2002Bunnies from HellDearest DickieFieldtown
69923/06/2003The Quiet Woman, Earl SterndaleCMMJubileeIlmington
70018/07/2009Buxton day of Dance 2009Poynton Jemmers??
70118/07/2011Buxton Festival Opera IntervalCMMYoung CollinsBledington
70218/07/2011Buxton Festival Opera IntervalCMMThe ValentineFieldtown
70323/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011CMMYoung CollinsBledington
70423/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Poynton Jemmers??
70523/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Mortimers Morris??
70623/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011CMMVandalls of HammerwichLichfield
70723/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011CMMStep and Fetch HerBampton
70823/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Poynton Jemmers??
70923/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Mortimers MorrisThe Windy City
71023/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMBanbury BillBampton
71123/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Milltown Cloggies??
71223/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMCuckoos NestHeadington
71323/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMHighland Mary?
71423/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Mortimers Morris??
71523/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Milltown Cloggies??
71623/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMJubileeIlmington
71723/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMHunt the SquirrelHeadington
71823/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Mortimers Morris??
71923/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Milltown Cloggies??
72023/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMThe ValentineFieldtown
72123/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Mortimers Morris??
72223/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Milltown CloggiesThe Train
72323/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Adlington MMBumpus o StrettonIlmington
72423/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011CMMBanks of the DeeFieldtown
72523/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Poynton Jemmers??
72623/07/2011Buxton Day of Dance 2011Mortimers Morris??
72721/07/2012Buxton Day of Dance 2012Boggarts BreakfastHell's Bells
72821/07/2012Buxton Day of Dance 2012Wytchwood MorrisJohn Barleycorn
72921/07/2012Buxton Day of Dance 2012Wytchwood Morris??
73021/07/2012Buxton Day of Dance 2012Boggarts Breakfast??
73121/07/2012Buxton Day of Dance 2012CMMJockey to the FairDucklington
73220/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Adlington MMPostman's KnockAdderbury
73320/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Kesteven Morris??
73420/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Manchester MM??
73520/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Harthill MorrisThe ValentineFieldtown
73620/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Ripley MMVandalls of HammerwichLichfield
73720/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Black Dog Molly??
73820/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Windsor MorrisCuckoos NestBadby
73920/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013St Katharine's Morris??
74020/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Exeter MMConstant Billy?Ilmington
74120/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Stone the Crows?
74220/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Well HeeledAppalachian?
74320/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Kinnerton MMJockey to the FairBrackley
74420/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Exeter MM?Fieldtown
74520/07/2013Buxton Day of Dance 2013Kinnerton MMThe RoseFieldtown
74601/05/2014May DayCMMBanks of the DeeFieldtown
74719/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Harthill MorrisVandalls of HammerwichLichfield
74819/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014White Rose MMSaturday NightOddington
74919/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014White Rose MMThe QuakerBampton
75019/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Wytchwood Morris?
75119/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMBlue Eyed StrangerFieldtown
75219/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Wytchwood Morris?
75319/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMBroad CupidBadby
75419/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014White Rose MMHeadington
75519/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Wytchwood MorrisBrimfield Stick Dance?
75619/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Stone the Crows?
75719/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMSweet Jenny JonesAdderbury
75819/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Chip off the Old??
75919/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Mendip MMThe ValentineFieldtown
76019/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Stone the Crows?
76119/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Rattlejag?
76219/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Powderkegs?
76319/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Rattlejag?
76419/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMJubileeIlmington
76519/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Powderkegs?
76619/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Rattlejag?
76719/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMRoom for the CuckooWheatley
76819/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014RattlejagBroom Dance?
76919/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMJenny LindLichfield
77019/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMThe ValentineFieldtown
77119/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Kinnerton MMSkirmish??
77219/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014St Katharine's MorrisShepherds Hey?
77319/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMVandalls of HammerwichLichfield
77419/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Milltown Cloggies?
77519/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Manchester MM?
77619/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Black Dog Molly
77719/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Bollin Morris
77819/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014CMMStep and Fetch HerBampton
77919/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Harthill MorrisRing o BellsLichfield
78019/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Leek MorrisBlack JokeAdderbury
78119/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014White Rose MMMonk's MarchSherborne
78219/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Wytchwood MorrisTwiglets
78319/07/2014Buxton Day of Dance 2014Black Dog Molly?



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