The Great Buxton Day of Dance Mystery

Are you ready to take on the Great Buxton Day of Dance Mystery?

Download the Quiz Sheet where you will find 15 fiendish clues

to the dance sides who are attending Buxton Day of Dance 2024.

The mystery is there are 15 clues but 16 dance sides.
You can try to solve the mystery online (using Google Maps and Street View) for some of the clues,
or seek out some of the venues while  visiting  Buxton.
Or a bit of both.
So can you use your detective powers to work out which Morris side doesn’t have a clue?


If you’ve worked your way through the 15 clues and  are ready to enter the name of the dance side who you think doesn’t have a clue click the Start button below.
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The Great Buxton Day of Dance Mystery

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'Which Morris side doesn't have a clue?'
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Which Morris side dosn't have a clue

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