Virtual Buxton Day of Dance 2020 – Poynton Jemmers

The two dances are Poynton Jubilee at Vernon Park in 2017.  Poyton Jubilee was written for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. and the second dance is Nine Men’s Morris as the JMO day of dance in 2019.  Taught to us by Severn Guilders – although we have added our interpretation.


A bit about Poynton Jemmers

We are one of the oldest, one of the best-known, and (some say) one of the best north-west morris sides in the country. Jemmers were formed in 1975 to revive and perform the traditional women`s morris dances of Cheshire and Lancashire. Many of our dances were collected from members of teams in existence in the early part of the 20th century. Over the years we have evolved our own style by adapting and expanding these dances, and by creating new ones in the same tradition.

Why Jemmers? The people of the former mining village of Poynton were once so poor that they had to live on bread and jam – hence the name `Jammers`, the local pronunciation of which is allegedly `Jemmers`.

To find out more about Poynton Jemmers  visit the website