Give Morris a Go – the virtual experience

For the past few years we at Chapel Morris have run a ‘Give Morris a Go’ session as part of New Mills Festival. We’ve really enjoyed running it and, judging by the smiles on the participants’ faces, they’ve enjoyed it too. From last year’s sessions 2 people (who had never danced Morris before) enjoyed it so much that they carried on coming to our regular Monday night practices over the winter and were really looking forward to dancing out with us this summer. Sadly Covid-19 has stopped this from happening as with our planned ‘Give Morris a Go’ sessions this September.


However, in its place, we’ve put together an instructional video of a simple Morris jig (Shepherd’s Hey) that can be danced alone or by as many people as can safely get together.  Why not have a go (watch the video as many times as you like). We’d really like to know how you get on.  If you feel keen enough then send us a video of you dancing – it would be great to compile a multi-screen version as a record.

If you would like to be included in a multi-screen video then:

  • record yourself/yourselves dancing along to the full version of the jig with no commentary (see below)

  • upload your video to YouTube (unlisted)
  • send the link to


For an extra little ‘crafty’ experience then why not ‘have a go’ at creating your own little Morris dancer.  Full instructions provided here.


Although we’ve been unable to dance out this summer we’ve been meeting every Monday night virtually via Zoom.  You can find out what we’re up to via Facebook or Twitter and, if you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch.

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