CMM 1979


January:   Mansfield MM Feast – such quantities of ale!

February: – Cheshire District EFDSS Grand Ceilidh – danced Lads a Bunchum, Staines Morris, Queens Delight, Not For Joe, Willow Tree, Cuckoo’s Nest, Balance the Straw, Bonny Green Garters

April:  Mainly Traditional Folk, Heaton Moor Rugby Club – Gentleman Soldier group 

May: Revived the Hayfield dance and performed it for the first time at Hayfield May Queen festival.

June: Friends of Oignies Association Britannic/Franco Ball – Lifted the mayoress
Kingston upon Hull Ring Meeting – Managed to dance on wooden cobbles (sets?); police car was blocked in in Hull street where we were dancing and lifted clear by morris men; amateur filmmaker took 8mm film of us practising our Longborough show dance.  After experience of sleeping on floor Arthur said he would never stay over at another Ring Meeting!

 August: Saddleworth Rushcart

September: Adlington MM Day of Dance
Thelwall MM Day of Dance “Left at the lights and left again”.  Arthur, using all his local knowledge, directed the bus into a very narrow street. CMM AGM “With an exceptional feat of navigation Arthur McArdle has proved a worthy custodian of The Clanger” (he was awarded the bell)

December: CMM Christmas Dinner – Kings Arms



Squire: Jim Hirst

Foreman: Harry Phillips

Bagman: Mel Gould

Treasurer: Randall Dawson